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Get all the ingredients you need to make tasty home cooked meals, delivered directly to you every week.

Everything you need to cook, delivered to you

Choose up to 6 deliciously designed recipes in your plan each week.

We’ll send everything you need, perfectly portioned and ethically sourced.

Plus easy-to-follow recipe cards, so you can enjoy delicious meals at home.

Fully flexible subscription, skip or cancel anytime

There is something for everyone

Choose from our 9+ easy meals each week designed by our professional chefs and nutritionists

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A meal kit is a pre-portioned food delivery service that provides the ingredients and recipes needed to prepare a meal at home. The ingredients are packaged and delivered fresh to your doorstep, along with step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the meal. Meal kits eliminate the need for meal planning and grocery shopping, making it easier for people to cook fresh and healthy meals at home.

We have 9 dishes for you to choose from each week, carefully created by our partner chef and nutritionists.

Our delivery process is handled by trained and reliable delivery personnel who will bring your meals kits right to your door

Yes, we offer a weekly or monthly subscription service, where you can receive meals delivered to your door on a regular basis.

Yes, you can request specific ingredients to be omitted when placing your order. Simply send us an email at hello@seriouslyhomecooked.com

Yes, our meals are designed to be nutritionally balanced, providing a healthy and satisfying meal option for our customers.

Yes, you can customise your menu based on all our available meal options.

If you are not satisfied with your meal, please reach out to us within 24 hours of receiving your order. We will do our best to rectify the situation.

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Fully flexible subscription, skip or cancel anytime